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Ringsend Parish celebrates Sr Maria in style

maria kenny thumbCongratulations to Sr Maria Kenny and to the parishioners of Ringsend Parish in Dublin for a wonderful celebration on Sunday, 25th June 2017.
St Patrick’s Parish in Ringsend and Irishtown organised a wonderful celebration for Sr Maria’s Golden Jubilee.  The chief celebrant was Bishop Raymond Field, Auxiliary Bishop in Dublin and Sr Maria was joined by her family, friends and sisters of the Congregation. 

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The Sisters Were Here – Clarinbridge 1844-2017

1707 clarinbridge thumbHaving given 173 years of service to the people of Clarinbridge, near Galway in the West of Ireland, the Sisters of Charity will soon be bidding a final farewell to the people who have welcomed them for almost two centuries into their homes and hearts.  


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Special News from our sister Congregation in Australia

1706 aus olnpA special Liturgy will be celebrated on Saturday, July 1 to mark a significant moment in the lives of two of Australia’s religious congregations. The Liturgy marks the day that Our Lady’s Nurses of the Poor, founded in 1913 by Eileen O’Connor and Fr Edward McGrath msc, come under the aegis of the Congregational Leader and Council of the Religious Sisters of Charity of Australia for governance, administration, and pastoral care.

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The Religious Sisters of Charity Will End Our Involvement in Saint Vincent’s Healthcare Group and Will Have No Involvement in the New National Maternity Hospital

Statement by Sr Mary Christian, Congregational Leader of the Religious Sisters of Charity

“The Religious Sisters of Charity will end our involvement in St Vincent’s Healthcare Group and will not be involved in the ownership or management of the new National Maternity Hospital.

“For the last two years we have been actively working to find the best way to relinquish our shareholding of the St Vincent’s Healthcare Group (SVHG).  It includes three hospitals; St. Vincent’s University Hospital, St. Vincent’s Private Hospital and St. Michael’s Hospital, Dun Laoghaire.

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Stanhope St - Celebrating our Local Primary School

1705 stanhope st thumbOur local schools play a central role in our communities.  They are places where friendships are formed, learning takes place and families join together with the common goal of nurturing our children and enriching our society.  To celebrate all that is good and positive in our primary schools, the CPSMA (Catholic Primary Schools Management Association) invited schools to participate in a national art competition with the theme: ‘Celebrating our Local Primary School’.

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Roma’s Road Rehabilitated

1705 roma roadTwo of the main concerns in Zambia at the moment relate to the empowerment of women and youth unemployment.  One would be forgiven for wondering how this relates to the road inside Roma Girls’ Secondary School.  Let me begin the story…..


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Internship at UNANIMA International

1705 colleen jacksonRecently, Colleen Jackson, an Australian Sister of Charity, completed an internship with UNANIMA International and says that she has been “Changed for good”. Here is her account of the experience.


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